Bryce_s (20K)


"Through my work with Sally Watkins I have learned to let go of my preconceived ideas of how my relationships should be. I am able to accept what is and in the process have learned how to set up healthy boundaries and not make other people's problems my own anymore. My new skills take practice but have freed up so much of my energy so I can focus on what is truly relevant to me!"


"Sally Watkins is a therapist with a rich background of experience in both therapy and in life. She has a forgiving nature and a creative mind that allows her to support her clients in many different ways. Her natural depth and insight add a delightful current of light and joy to the therapeutic process."

Barbara Eggenberger, M.F.T.

"I have known Sally for twenty years and was a colleague of hers in private practice for about half of that time. Sally is a caring and supportive person. Her counseling skills include acceptance, careful listening and gentle guidance. She sees her clients in the context of their complete environment and all their relationships. Sally has always valued professional and personal growth which prepares her to better serve her clients."

Beverly Beavers, Retired Marriage & Family Therapist

"I have always come away from any interaction with Sally as having learned something new about myself. She is gifted at being able to listen with the ability to access what is right below the surface and has a gentle approach at bringing it to light. As a colleague, she has provided me with new insights and approaches in dealing with challenging clients. As a friend, she has consistently shared herself openly, allowing herself to be truly vulnerable thereby creating a safe place for me to reveal myself."

Barbara Van Felix, L.C.S.W.

"Sally is a bright beautiful spirit-an adventurer on her own path of healing and evolution-an introspective and intuitive guide-a faithful dedicated and professional therapist and healer. She listens deeply. She cares a lot. If you are looking for a gifted counselor with experience and compassion, she is the one."