ChangeYourMindset (13K)I'm thrilled to announce the publication of my book, CHANGEYOURMINDSETNOTYOURMAN,
Learn to Love What's Right Instead of Trying to Fix What's Wrong,
Adams Media, November 2009.
Go to the book's website to learn more.
SallyNew (21K)


I am Sally Watkins, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in private practice in Folsom and Lincoln California. Adults-individuals and couples-are the focus of my twenty year practice. I provide an accepting, supportive experience in a comfortable setting where it is safe to explore the important issues of your life. I am an active therapist, sometimes gently confrontational, who wants your highest wellbeing. (Click here to go to About Sally)


Core issues must be resolved and not merely the symptoms of depression, anxiety, and addiction. There is always a deep basis for recurring symptoms, an embedded belief from childhood, trauma, or fear that keeps us stuck. Without uncovering the truth of how you formed, it is likely that symptoms will return to dog you. Using a wide range of therapeutic modalities-cognitive, gestalt, narrative, and psychosynthesis, I will help you contact that place where many of your problems originated. This is active sometimes intense therapy.


If you seek more meaning in your life, decide to matter to yourself, and want to realize more of your cherished dreams, I will help you accelerate your movement toward these goals. Authenticity, truth telling, and contacting the heart as well as the mind will be necessary to guide us.


Your childhood may have left you with some emotional and psychological deficits. Therapy sessions will provide the tools necessary to:

  • Assert your needs and preferences.
  • Contain and manage strong emotions like anger.
  • Listen and communicate effectively.
  • Be sensitive and empathic with others.
  • Feel and express warmth and love.


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